From the same company that brought us Friday’s, Village Tavern, and Italliani’s, Watami Grill and Sushi Bar is a Japanese restaurant in Bonifacio Global City.

I like Japanese food in general so having a Zomato FMU here got me excited. The restaurant is located beside Texas Roadhouse at the 4th floor of Uptown Mall. The restaurant has a small dining area inside but can accommodate large groups of diners outside. It has an open kitchen where diners can see how their meals are being prepared. One may even opt to be seated in the bar area facing the kitchen to have a more authentic Japanese grill experience.


We started the feast with Salmon Belly skewers. Gaaaahd, these were divine. It’s melt-in-the-mouth and every bite was bursting with flavors. It’s impossible for you to have only one stick. I got two, but I was still craving for more. Do yourself a favor and try this. Thank me later. *wink*

Salmon belly

We also had Wagyu Cubes. We saw how these little gems were grilled and I couldn’t help myself but salivate. Ha. Of course I’m exaggerating here but seriously, the smell of these wagyu cubes while on the grill was enticing. It was inviting. And I’m just a man. I’m weak sometimes. I must admit, I gave in to the temptation. Oh darn, where is this heading to? Probably in me confessing I had 2.5 sticks of this wagyu goodness. Well don’t blame me! Unisse (hi @hungryinwanderland!) gave me hers. And I seriously thanked her for that.


Wagyu cubes

Next served was the Angel Roll. I was like probably all the goodness in the world are in this roll because of the name but after one bite, I was wrong. It was ordinary for me. I expected more as Watami prides itself as a sushi bar. But hey, the serving size was generous and it was presented beautifully so it’s still pretty okay relatively. The Rolled Omelette on the other hand was super nice. It’s kind of sweet but it worked well overall.

Angel roll

Rolled omelette

The Skewer Rice Box was served next. It was composed of chicken wings, chicken balls, chicken liver, and chicken thigh. All chicken, but I ain’t complaining. My favorite would be the chicken liver. It was so good. The other skewers were also good but I think a variety (pork or beef, maybe?) would made this set all the more delicious and exciting to eat.

Skewer rice box

Lastly, we were served Beef Sukiyaki Rice Bowl. I liked this dish though it’s on the sweet side. This has rice and noodles at the same time. Carbs on carbs, yeah. I also liked the egg on top, it was just sitting there beautifully.

Sukiyaki beef bowl

Sukiyaki beef in a box

Overall, I had a good experience in Watami. I enjoyed all the skewers and the beef Sukiyaki. The servers were so helpful with our needs. I would recommend this to families and big group of friends as sharing of skewers is fun. I also find most of the items reasonably priced so eating here during lunch time at work can be an option.

Thank you Zomato and Watami!

Address: Fourth Floor, Uptown Mall, Bonifacio Global City
IG: @watamiph

Words and photos by Norman Lester Talla (IG: @hooknorm).

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