We at The Travelling Tongue are fans of Japanese food. Yes, we are certain about it. That’s the reason why having an eat up at Izakaya Sensu and Chotto Matte with our Team Kaladkarin friends made us truly ecstatic.

We arrived at Net Park at 2:00 PM. Michelle and Mickaehla from Raintree Restaurants welcomed us. They gave us media kits for the overview of the restaurants. From this we learned that Izakaya is a type of informal Japanese-style gastropub. It’s a casual place for good simple eating, after-work drinking, and get-togethers with family and friends. Izakaya Sensu Philippines aims to give its diners a non-traditional Izakaya experience. How cool!

Izakaya Sensu

Chotto Matte, on the other hand, is a highball and liquor bar. They have fresh beats, cool cocktails, artisanal sake, and the “best” Kakubin highballs in the Metro.

Chotto Matte

While waiting for the food to be served, we had few drinks from Chotto Matte. We have tried Cherry Blossom, Chotto Hee To, Melon Chu Hi Sour, Sakura Smile, and Wasabi Watermelon Smoothie. We actually loved everything! The Cherry Blossom was refreshing and pretty to look at – it’s pink! The Melon Chu Hi Sour was so good that it became our instant favorite. The Wasabi Watermelon Shake was surprisingly good too! At first it was kind of weird to have wasabi-infused drink but trust us, it’s weirdly good! *wink*

Colorful drinks from Chotto Matte

Cherry Blossom

For the food, we had a lot. It was actually a feast. We were served their Sushi Omakase and the Sensu Roll. The latter was love at first sight! It’s actually two rolls in one order. The first roll was made of tempura asparagus and spicy mayonnaise topped with spicy tuna, green chili, and unagi sauce. The second one was crabmeat mayonnaise, Yuzu skin and cucumber topped with mango, flying fish roe, and unagi sauce. Really, really colorful and gawd, so delicious!

Sensu Roll

We also had Yakitori Omakase, Sensu Kara-age, and Beef Katsu. The beef was served medium and it was tender. The Yakitori BBQ skewers were served beautifully and perfect as appetizers.

Yakitori Skewers

Then finally, their Japanese Bento Boxes. These are complete meals already with miso soup, side dishes, and dessert. We tried their Kara-age and Katsu Curry bento boxes. We loved the latter as the Japanese curry was perfect in taste. The katsu was soft and flavorful and good size for its price.

Katsu Curry

The good part about their Bento is… you may have them for take out! Such a nice concept especially the restaurant is located in one of the busiest areas in BGC. YAY!

Take Out Bento

If you are looking for a nice Japanese food + drinks, then Izakaya Sensu + Chotto Matte combo is a very good choice. Thank us later!

Izakaya Sensu / Chotto Matte
Location: Ground level, Net Park, BGC
IG: @izakayasensuph / @chottomatteph

Team Kaladkarin
IG: @teamkaladkarin
FB: Team Kaladkarin