Ribs? Chicken? Beef brisket? Pork belly? These are just few of the things you’ll love at Roadster Roasters. We at The Travelling Tongue have tried several items in their menu and we can say that everything we had was good. We were indeed #FUELEDBYMEAT.

We arrived at the restaurant at 2PM and two of the owners, Nico and Kurt, welcomed us. They were both accommodating! They gave us brief introduction about the restaurant.

Industrial vibe

Roasted chicken

Roadster Roasters is located in TV5 Launchpad in Mandaluyong and is just operating for one month. Though relatively new in the foodie scene, they are serious in bringing their A-game by making sure they not only serve quality food but also affordable to the people.



While waiting for the other bloggers to arrive, we took photos of the place. It has an industrial feel. We actually like this vibe as it matches with the type of food they offer. We also love the neon sign FUELED BY MEAT as it makes an IG-worthy photo of the wall.

Neon wall sign

Let’s go to the food, shall we?

We first had their Pork Belly Salad with Ranch Dressing and Roadster Nachos as appetizers. Trust us when we say that we love their nachos. The serving was huge as it’s enough for 3-4 people. Kurt told us that they make their own nachos so plus points for that. It’s loaded with everything beautiful such as beef, cheese, and jalapenos. The salad was also good with lots of pork belly bits on top.


Pork Belly Salad with Ranch Dressing

We were also able to try their Smoked Carbonara topped with egg. It’s just so pretty. It had a right amount of cream that’s not cloying at all. To achieve the smoky flavor, this dish was torched. Can we have another order of this RN?

Smoked Carbonara

Their Roast Chicken was served next. We admit that we were wowed with how it’s presented. The chicken looked so good with its perfect golden brown skin. We suggest eating this with their gravy to fully enjoy this dish. This is also available in quarter and half sizes.

Whole chicken

Seeing the BBQ Pork Ribs to be served next made us truly excited. RIBS guys, come on! The owners said that their ribs are cooked for 4 hours to achieve off-the-bone tenderness. They use their own BBQ sauce for flavor that makes this one of their best-sellers. The ribs were actually soft and tender! We actually accidentally chewed one of the bones and we thought it’s still meat. YAY!

BBQ Ribs

Another best-seller is their Beef Brisket. This is just so good. And beautiful. And every adjective that’s synonymous to delicious. We really liked the gravy and the tenderness of the beef. If you happen to find yourself in this restaurant, don’t miss this!!!

Beef brisket

Bonus: They have very good chicharon! Perfect pair for beer. We truly loved this that we actually thought of buying one order for take out. Uhm yeah, seriously. Check it for yourself by availing their promo until the end of August 2017 – 1php per order of chicharon in every bucket of beer! Good deal!!!

Roadster chicharon

Thank you Roadster Roasters!!! We will be back for sure!

Roadster Roasters
Location: Unit 12, TV5 Launchpad, Sheridan St., Mandaluyong City
IG: @roadsterph